About Us

Sea The Moss is family owned and operated by Nubia and her young adult children: Elijah, Ras and Yanine.

Our family of entrepreneurs not only has decades worth of building successful businesses, we equally have a deep love for overseas living and traveling abroad. We have lived in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica in the past and also travel yearly to various countries when taking breaks from our day to day life on the East Coast. Not to mention, our love for holistic, healthy living. Incorporating natural food and holistic healing modalities along the way has always been a priority.

Nubia has founded, owned and operated two successful holistic based businesses over the past 23 years. One in her hometown Washington, DC . The other in the NYC tri-state area where she currently resides. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN) she has a deep understanding of how diet and lifestyle impact overall health. She works with her clientele one -on-one to help them achieve nutritional and holistic lifestyle goals. Nubia values building interpersonal relationships and investing a genuine interest in the betterment of her clientele.

After visiting Belize and learning of the exceptionally clean and sustainable Seamoss growing in protected ocean waters, it was no surprise when Nubia took an immediate interest in establishing a relationship with the local seamoss farmers.

We took the time to nurture our relationship with the farmers in order to get a true understanding of the work and determination they personally invest to properly and respectfully harvest seamoss in their community.

We also took the time to volunteer and get our hands dirty, or better yet, our bodies wet to truly understand the manual labor and commitment necessary to locate and harvest seamoss in the ocean. (see fun pics on our blog!)

Here's what we learned about the seamoss grown and harvested in Belize and why we took a special interest in investing in Belizean seamoss:

- Belizean seamoss grows in pristine and protected ocean waters avoiding contact with any toxic metals and pollutants.

- There are no dirty water or sewage runoffs from resorts, tourist or residential areas contaminating the waters.

- The Belizean seaweed has been officially 3rd party tested and we have the results to prove its purity and cleanliness.

- Kappaphycus alvarezii (Eucheuma cottonii) is the type of seamoss we are currently harvesting from Belize and it makes 50% more gel than any other species of seamoss.

- When purchasing directly from the farming cooperative it puts the money directly into the hands of the local farmers positively impacting their daily lives.

- Belizean Seamoss is exclusive. Access is not given easily. Export licenses aren’t easily obtainable. We are proud to be 1 of 5 limited Belizean seamoss suppliers outside of Belize.

For all the reasons listed above we take pride in providing top notch, unbelizable 😄 seamoss products to contribute to your health goals.

Thank you for trusting and supporting our family business!